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Individual Assistance (I.A.)

When disasters take place, the Individuals and Households Program provides money and services to people in the disaster area when losses are not covered by insurance and property has been damaged or destroyed.  This program will not cover all of your losses from property damage (home, personal property, household goods) that resulted from the disaster.  Losses covered by insurance and business losses are not eligible under this program.  You must meet specific eligibility requirements to qualify.

Current maximum allowable amount for any one disaster to individuals or families is $29,900.

While some money is available, most disaster aid from the Federal government is in the form of loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) that must be repaid.  Applicants may be required to seek help from SBA first, before being considered for certain types of help covered with this program.

The following list shows the available types of assistance covered under the Individuals and Households Assistance Program:

  • Temporary housing (a place to live for a limited period of time)
  • Repair (monies for damage repair that is not covered under insurance)
  • Replacement (monies for replacing a home that is not covered under insurance)
  • Permanent / Semi-permanent Housing Construction (direct assistance or money for the construction of a home)
  • Other Needs (monies for necessary expenses and serious needs - medical, dental, funeral, and other expenses that are authorized by law) 

 Here is FEMA's guide to the Individuals and Households Program.

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