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Dr. John More, president of Response Law, LLC, shares critical information during his keynote presentation at the 2014 Safe and Prepared Schools Conference in Manhattan Sept. 23. The annual conference is sponsored by the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools, Kansas Homeland Security, Kansas Attorney General’s Office, Kansas Department of Education, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools is a collaborative office that assists school districts in fulfilling their mission of providing a safe and prepared learning environment for students and staff. Recognizing not all schools are equally prepared, resource equipped or trained to respond to school emergencies, KC-SPS is available to bridge those gaps and help find solutions.

All Kansas School Districts are eligible members at no cost. An advisory group of educators, emergency management and first responders guide the activities of KC-SPS to better meet the needs of schools across the state.

We are striving for every Kansas School District to be emergency prepared by:

  • Forming District and Building emergency response teams
  • Conducting a hazard assessment of their local school/community
  • Creating and implementing a District EOP and Building emergency response plans
  • Requiring staff complete prescribed training
  • Standardizing school participation in safety and preparedness drills
  • Equipping each building and classroom with "crisis kits"
  • Collaborating with local first responders and emergency management

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Vulnerability Review of Kansas School Safety, Security and Preparedness

This document is the result of a year-long collaborative effort by the Kansas Attorney General, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Kansas Homeland Security, Kansas Fire Marshal, Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools.

The purpose of this document is to provide an instrument for schools in combination with their local emergency management and first responders to complete a self-assessment of vulnerabilities that could impact their school. The document also contains best practices that are helpful for schools to consider. This document is linked to the KC-SPS web-site.

Schools and their community partners are encouraged to download the document and attend regional training that will be held to assist local teams with implementing the review.


Intruderology. Strategies for school personnel to assist in responding to an intruder are addressed in training called Intruderology.


FEMA offers online independent study courses that provide helpful information for school safety and preparedness. These classes are easy to find at www.training.fema.gov/is

Some classes to consider are:

  1. IS-100.SCa "Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools"
  2. IS-700ANational Incident Management System, An Introduction"
  3. IS-120.a "An Introduction to Exercises"
  4. IS-546 "Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course"

Other available training:


"The Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools has been instrumental in assisting our school district to create and promote a culture of safety and preparedness."

Chris Tuck, Health Services director, Seaman USD 345

"Simply put, Safe and Prepared Schools is about protecting kids. The center works to provide training and support to those who educate students, so they are better prepared to deal with any emergency."

Ron Brown, chief, Topeka Schools Police

"KC-SPS is integral in providing training and resources for school emergency plans across Kansas. Their expertise and support are essential for the safety of Kansas school kids."

Dr. Bob Diepenbrock, superintendent,
Kingman-Norwich USD 331

"The networking, professional development and resources provided by KC-SPS have been a game changer for the Leavenworth School District. The center has provided school districts across the state an invaluable resource to ensure the safety of our students and staff."

Amy Sloan, director, Support Services and
Education Foundation USD 453

"Safe schools are essential for student learning. KC-SPS has done tremendous work to better prepare Kansas schools for all types of emergencies. Manhattan-Ogden has benefitted greatly from the resources available through the center."

Michele Jones, communication coordinator and
REMS Grant director USD 383


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Emergency Information

Click here for emergency preparedness information, safety awareness information and general information about severe weather and other potential emergencies that Kansans should be prepared for.

For information provided by Kansas Division of Emergency Management, click here.

For information provided by Kansas Homeland Security, click here.


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