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169th Combat Sustainment Battalion


169th Combat Sustainment Battalion Mission

Provide command and control structure for assigned and/or attached units in order to support operational and tactical-level logistics by planning and managing sustainment and replenishment operations. On order, conducts Domestic Support Operations in support of state and federal agencies to protect life and property within Kansas.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The Battalion commander is Lt. Col Shae Weide. The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Ronnie Brandt.

The unit is composed of the following;

- 137th Transportation Company, Olathe and Topeka

- 778th Transportation Company, Kansas City, Manhattan and Salina

- 731st Truck Company, Great Bend, Liberal, Hutchinson

- 1077th Medical Comapny Ground Ambulance, Olathe


Recent Unit Highlights

169th Combat Sustainment Battalion unit crest

The 1077th Ground Ambulance Company participated in training throughout the year with local civilian entities to increase military occupational specialty proficiency and promote awareness of Kansas National Guard capabilities and presence. The 1077th participated in the Vigilant Guard 2014 exercise, a simulated large-scale natural disaster, at the Great Plains Joint Training Center. Their mission included casualty evacuation drills, patient assessments and medical supply and resupply of their area of operations.

The 169th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion conducted annual training June 7-21 at Camp Dodge, Iowa. The Headquarters soldiers and staff participated in an instructor-facilitated military decision-making process exercise followed by a simulation exercise utilizing the order developed during MDMP to support and sustain the simulated units.

During annual training July 6-22, the 137th Transportation Company participated in the Golden Coyote exercise in Rapid City, South Dakota. They planned and executed more than 100 transportation missions throughout western South Dakota and drove more than 100,000 miles. The highlight of the mission was their participation in a river crossing across the Missouri River. They were carried across the river one truck at a time on rafts provided by the South Dakota National Guard’s 200th Engineer Company.

The 778th Transportation Company conducted a Heavy Equipment Transporter qualification class, successfully licensing 48 new operators. The classroom portion consisted of two days of classroom instruction followed by three days of hands-on training, driving their truck on the training areas at Fort Riley.

Throughout 2014, the 137th Transportation Company and 778th Transportation Company trained to conduct their federal and state missions and provided trucks and operators for the movement of containerized cargo and general noncontainerized cargo in support of several community events throughout Kansas.



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