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891st Engineer Battalion



891st Engineer Battalion Mission

The 891st Engineer Battalion trains to increase the combat effectiveness of the support brigades at division and corps level by accomplishing mobility, survivability and general engineering tasks.  Provides command and control of three to five assigned engineer companies and one forward support company, to provide mobility in support of force application or focused logistics.  On order, conduct stability and support operations in support of federal missions and provide Military Assistance to Civil Authorities for state and local missions. 

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

??The battalion commander is Lt. Col. David Burk.  The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Jared Worley.

The unit is composed of the following;

- Foward Support company, Iola

- 226th Engineer Company, August and Pittsburg

- 242nd Engineer Company, Coffeyville

- 772nd Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, Pittsburg

-35th Military Police, Topeka


Recent Unit Highlights

891st Engineer Battalion unit crest

Soldiers of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 891st Engineer Battalion performed several tasks such as military operations on urban terrain, medical training, standard integrated command post system training, and land navigation training, while the Forward Support Company fed the battalion through their field kitchen and provided fuel and maintenance support for the engineer missions.

The 242nd Engineer Company construction missions included ditch lining repairs, stream crossings, and gully repairs. A small group of soldiers conducted grubbing and clearing operations at the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility on Fort Riley. They also built access roads and repaired the washout areas around the buildings of Fort Riley and hauled 130 tons of gravel and 50 tons of riprap to improve the roads and ditches.

The 772nd Engineer Company trained on their mission-essential tasks including route clearance and military operations on urban terrain training in preparation of an external evaluation from 1st Army to be placed in the Army Contingency Force Pool.

The 226th Engineer Company conducted their annual training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where they constructed B-Hut style shelters that will be used to train troops.

In November, the Department of Defense announced that approximately 170 soldiers of the 891st would deploy to West Africa in 2015 to build Ebola care centers for Operation United Assistance. However, changing mission requirements resulted in cancellation of the deployment.



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