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69th Troop Command


69th Troop Command Mission

69th Troop Command’s federal mission is to command, control and supervise Army National Guard units attached to Troop Command to provide trained and equipped units capable of immediate expansion to war strength and available for service in time of war or national emergency or, when appropriate, to augment the active Army. It also prepares for the mobilization of attached Army National Guard units in support of U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Northern Command and Continental United States Army Reserve Component mobilization plans.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The commander is Col. Dave Johnson. The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Manuel Rubio.

The unit is composed of the following;

- Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Joint Force Headquarters, Topeka

- KSARNG Training Center, Salina

- 1979th Contingency Contract Team, Topeka

- 1989th Senior Contingency Contract Team, Topeka

- 102nd Military History Detachment, Topeka

- 1074th Field Trial Defense Team, Topeka

- 1174th Senior Trial Defense Team, Topeka

- 137th Chaplain Detachment, Topeka

- 35th Military Police Company, Topeka

- 35th Division Band, Olathe

- KSARNG Misssion Training Complex, Fort Leavenworth

- 105th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Topeka


Recent Unit Highlights

69th Troop Command unit crest

During this training year, the unit focused on individual readiness and reorganization of the current force structure. The main focus of training and operations was support of the Vigilant Guard 2014, a statewide Military Assistance to Civil Authorities training event. During the exercise, members of the organization successfully demonstrated their ability to integrate their special skills sets into the MACA environment.

As a result of the organization’s focus to improve communications with all Kansas Army National Guard service members, the 105th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment’s publication, the Kansas Sentinel, earned third place in the Digital Publication Category of the annual Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Competition.

As part of the organization support of the Adjutant General’s Strategic Outreach Program, the 35th ID Band demonstrated their superior skills. The 35th Infantry Division Band was able to perform their mission with austere resources and successfully balance performances against practice time while executing all mandatory Army training.



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