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2-130th Field Artillery


2-130th Field Artillery Mission

2nd Battalion 130th Field Artillery integrates and delivers lethal and non-lethal fires to enable joint and maneuver commanders to dominate their operational environment across the spectrum of operations. On order, the battalion provides timely and effective National Guard Civil Support as directed by the governor of Kansas in times of natural disaster or emergency.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The unit commander is Lt. Col. Larry Leupold. The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Haeffele.

The unit is composed of the following;

- Det 1. HHB, Marysville

- Battery A, Horton and Marysville

- Battery B, Lenexa and Paola


Recent Unit Highlights

2-130th Field Artillery unit crest

In January, the battalion conducted an integrated digital communication exercise from sensor to shooter, simulating fire missions and executing a fire plan while integrating firing sections into the training. Each unit in the battalion stood and passed separate Command Maintenance Inspections with each unit passing and Headquarters and Headquarters Battery and the Forward Support Company receiving the Maj. Gen. James Rueger Award for Excellence. On Kansas Day, members of Battery A fired a salute in honor of the grand opening of the renovated Kansas Capitol building.

From Feb. 13 - March 20, Battery A and Battery B had 16 HIMARS fitted with three upgrades: Driver’s Visual Enhancement, FBCB2 Blue Force Tracker and the Harris 150 Radio Transmitters.

In June, the battalion conducted annual training at Fort Riley. Training was comprised of section level certification and qualification that culminated with a live fire exercise on June 18.

In July 2014, the battalion supported the change of command ceremony for the commander of the Kansas Army National Guard by providing the ceremonial howitzer platoon and soldiers representing the unit. The 250th Forward Support Company conducted an open house in Ottawa and Clay Center to showcase sustainment operations while building a rapport with the local community. Headquarters and Headquarters Battery conducted a change of command transferring command from Capt. James Pope to Capt. Branden Tice-Addington. The battalion and assigned soldiers from Abilene and Paola facilitated the relocation of the Battery B from Abilene to Paola and Lenexa to support a sustainable foot print for both the 2-130th and 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery.

The 250th Forward Support Company conducted a change of command transferring command from Capt. Travis Ziegler to Capt. Ben Ronning.

In September, HHB 2-130 conducted an open house in Hiawatha, showcasing its operational equipment and how the unit’s mission adds value to the community.



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