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997th Brigade Support Battalion


997th Brigade Support Battalion Mission

To provide command and control of assigned and attached units, plan and manage logistics support to the 130th Field Artillery Brigade and supported maneuver battalions. On order, conduct domestic support operations in support of federal and state agencies to protect life and property within Kansas. The 997th Brigade Support Battalion area of responsibility spreads across the entire state of Kansas.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The 997th Commander is Lt. Col. Molly Gillock. The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Craig Posch.

The unit is composed of the following;

- 170th Maintenance Company, Wichita

- 330th Brigade Signal Company, Wichita

- 1161st Forward Support Company, Wichita and Pratt

- 250th Forward Support Company, Ottawa and Clay Center

- 995th Maintenance Company, Smith Center, Concordia and Norton


Recent Unit Highlights

997th BSB unit crest

The 997th Brigade Support Battalion was stood up in April 2015 as new force structure to the Kansas Army National Guard. The 997th steadily increased its strength and capabilities during the year. Members of the 997th assisted the 287th Sustainment Brigade during annual training by simulating enemy forces and providing realistic battlefield effects for the lane training exercise.

The 995th Support Maintenance Company supported the 287th Sustainment Brigade’s annual training in July by providing maintenance support, conducting equipment services, and providing role players as enemy forces for the lane training exercise. The 995th SMC also relocated select personnel and equipment to Norton after annual training.

The 170th Support Maintenance Company relocated from Norton and Colby to Wichita in support of the force structure plan.

The 250th Forward Support Company supported the 2nd Battalion, 130th Field Artillery annual training in Salina. They provided field feeding, ammunition handling, and fuel support while conducting additional training on their core capabilities.

The 1161st Forward Support Company relocated its headquarters from Hutchinson to Wichita while simultaneously supporting the 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery annual training with ammunition handling and fuel support capabilities.

The 330th Brigade Signal Company stood up in September 2015 as new Force Structure to the Kansas Army National Guard. The 330th has begun increasing its strength and capabilities as it gains equipment and personnel.



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