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Interoperability Training


The Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System (KSICS), utilizes 76 towers throughout the State to provide local, regional and statewide radio communication to over 1,000 city, county, state and federal agencies.  The state is divided into 14 radio zones, each with assigned talk groups and channels for local, regional and statewide radio communications.

JL Ellis, Interoperable Communication Training and Exercise Specialist for the Office of Emergency Communications, travels throughout the state assisting agencies with their communication training needs including: radio systems, KSICS and Motobridge. 

JL has been involved with the Kansas Fire Service since 1986. During this time he has served many capacities including volunteer firefighter, KS certified EMT and as a full time firefighter. JL is a current member of the NorthWest Kansas IMT. Five years with the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s office as an inspector and former President with the Kansas State Firefighter’s Association have given him the opportunity to travel the entire state and make many contacts within Kansas Emergency Services. JL holds Fire Service Instructor credentials and teaches classes on a regular schedule across the state.  JL serves as the State Coordinator for the Kansas Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (KS-TERT).

If you have any questions or would like to discuss training opportunities for your agency, please contact Jason or JL  for further information. 


Interoperability Training Supervisor - Jason Byrant

785-681-6265 jason.e.bryant6.nfg@mail.mil

Interoperability Trainer - J.L. Ellis

785-646-5171 jimmy.l.ellisjr.nfg@mail.mil

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