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17-085 Kansas taking the lead in EMAC response to Hurricane Harvey
 Although nearly 900 hundred miles from Hurricane Harvey today, Kansas is playing a major role in preparations to respond when the Category 3 storm makes landfall in Texas.

Kansas is again the national coordinating state for the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, a multistate, mutual aid agreement that facilitates interstate assistance to support response and recovery actions during a disaster. As such, Kansas is assisting Louisiana and Texas to coordinate resources from other states to storm-stricken states when needed.

Jonathan York, Response and Recovery Branch director and EMAC coordinator for the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, is the chairman of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact Executive Task Force. As the national coordinating state KDEM has the following responsibilities:

1.      Ensure that operational procedures are followed

2.      Identification and staffing of A- (Advance) Teams and liaison teams

3.      Ensure timely status reports on EMAC deployments are issued

4.      In coordination with the National Emergency Management Association, resolve any policy or procedural issues

“Kansas stands ready to offer support to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Governor Sam Brownback. “Having just experienced significant flooding in parts of our state just a few days ago, we certainly understand the devastating impact the forecasted rainfall amounts from Hurricane Harvey will bring to Texas. It is our hope Texans will heed the evacuation orders and remain safe during this terrible storm.”

Kansans who want to donate or provide assistance to those in Texas should go to https://www.fema.gov/volunteer-donate-responsibility

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