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Training Facilities

The Adjutant General's Department has a number of training facilities that serve both military and civilian personnel, including law enforcement, fire, search and rescue, emergency medical and other first response and public safety agencies. These facilities allow military and civilian personnel to remain in Kansas rather than expend unnecessary time and money in traveling out of state to receive the training they need.

Crisis City

Crisis City provides state of the art training facilities to all emergency response and support agencies, whether in one of its classrooms or on any of the training venues. Crisis City is a multi-use, fully functional training complex for local, state, and federal responders, Emergency Management professionals, public and private industry safety professionals, and military operations in support of civil authorities.

Kansas Training Center

The Kansas Training Center affords both military and civilian organizations an unprecedented opportunity to function jointly using real world technology to train and respond to missions both here and abroad. The GPJTC includes the Kansas Regional Training Institute and Smoky Hill Weapons Range

Kansas Regional Training Institute

The Kansas Regional Training Institute provides a variety of skills training to soldiers of the Army National Guard. The KSRTI provides Ordnance, Military Occupational Skill, Additional Skill Identifier, Officer Candidate School and Noncommissioned Officer Education System Training for the U.S. Army (Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Component) for a nine-state region under The Total Army School System.

Nickell Hall

Nickell Hall is a military training facility in Salina that has been in operation since 1995. Numerous updates have been made to the building and campus since then to offer short- and long-term lodging at affordable prices. With 166 rooms and 249 beds, Nickell Hall has the capacity to handle large-scale training exercises.

The facilities are available to military, retired military, state and law enforcement guests and their families.

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Emergency Information

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