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Automated Critical Asset Management System


The Automated Cristical Asset Management System (ACAMS) is a Web-based information services portal that helps state and local governments build critical infrastucture / key resource (CIKR) protection programs in their local jurisdictions.

ACAMS provides a set of tools and resources that help law enforcement, public safety, and emergency response personnel:

  • Collect and use CIKR asset data;
  • Assess CIKR asset vulnerabilities;
  • Develop all-hazards incident response and recovery plans; and
  • Build public - private partnerships.

Using ACAMS also provides state and local jurisdictions with a practical way to implement the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), including the NIPP Risk Management Framework.

Key Features

  • Programmable, role-based access;
  • Comprehensive, CIKR asset inventory, inventory management and assessment tools;
  • Sector-specific protectivemeasure recommendations for each Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) level;
  • Automatically generated standard and customized reports;
  • Built-in Asset Manager Questionairres;
  • Built-in Buffer Zone Plan development tools;
  • Department-approved CIKR asset taxonomy classification tool;
  • Access to live and historical law enforcement and counter-terrorism news feeds;
  • Integrated robust mapping and geospatial functionality using the Integrated Common Analytical Viewer (ICAV);
  • Comprehensive electronic CIKR reference document library;
  • Approved for Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) storage;


ACAMS is a secure, online database and database management platform that allows for the collection and management of CIKR asset data; the cataloguing, screening, and sorting of this data; the production of tailored infrastructure reports; and the development of a variety of pre- and post-incident response plans useful to strategic and operational planners and tactical commanders.


The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) provides ACAMS to state and local jursidictions at no cost.


ACAMS is used by a wide variety of organizations responsible for building, implementing, and operating CIKR protection programs at the state and local level.  Individual users are typically state and local emergency responders, such as infrastructure protection planners, homeland security officials, law enforcement personnel, and emergency managers.  These users have official infrastructure protection or homeland security responsibilities and have completed ACAMS and PCII training.  Users in 35 U.S> states and local jurisdictions participate in the ACAMS program.

Access to ACAMS

ACAMS is a Web-based tool accessible via an unclassified, password-protected Internet portal.  ACAMS accounts are granted by the Department to authorized state and local law enforcement / emeregency responders, emergency managers, homeland security officials and other personnel with official infrastructure protection responsibilities following authorized ACAMS training.

ACAMS Instruction

Kansas Homeland Security, in partnership with the U.S. Department of HOmeland Security, provides instruction on ACAMS through the CIKR Asset Protection Technical Assistance Program (CAPTAP).  The CAPTAP service assists state and local law enforecement, emergency responders, emergency managers, and other homeland security officials to understand the steps necessary to develop and implement comprehensive CIKR protection programs using ACAMS as a tool to support these programs.

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