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Protecting Soft Targets Awareness Course

Terrorism Awareness:  Protecting Soft Targets Course

Security personnel and company employees by nature of their positions are on the scene of an incident before both their law enforcement and firefighter counterparts. These individuals protect the property as well as the people who visit and work there. It is everyone’s job not only to prevent unlawful situations from occurring but also to deter the people who would commit those crimes in the first place. Not only does security staff respond to a situation that has occurred before any other agency of first responders, but also, they are the ones left with the task of dealing with the aftermath and how it affects their guests and employees. High profile businesses, hotels/casinos, large shopping malls, schools, transportation facilities, airports and venues with
large audiences are potential soft targets of terrorism. These potential targets have as their protectors an internal security force. This security force, as well as all employees, must understand the nature and characteristics of terrorism, terrorists, and their methods, including, but not limited to, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Purpose of Course

The purpose of this course is to provide training to security personnel within soft target venues including high profile businesses, hotel/casinos/resorts, large shopping malls, and large audience special events. The goal is to increase the capabilities of these individuals to provide training programs at their organizations for their security forces. After receiving this instruction, employees will be able to facilitate an awareness level training program presented through eight modules.

These modules are designed to provide three levels of awareness information:

  • Awareness information needed to function as a responder to the threat of terrorism within soft target areas;
  • Awareness information needed to detect indicators of potential terrorist activities; and
  • Awareness information needed to make informed, controlled, and safe responses to incidents involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or WMDs.

Scope of Course

The Terrorism Awareness: Protecting Soft Targets Course provides an overview of terrorism awareness through facilitated seminars and practical exercises. The course provides seminars in chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive agents that may be used as WMDs, IED recognition, and indicators of suspicious behavior and activity. The course concludes with an instructor-led practical exercise in taking a critical look at the participants properties and post-incident actions to be taken to secure an invdvdfdcident scene.

Target Audiences

The target audiences for this course are all employees from soft target areas including high profile businesses, hotels/resorts/casinos, large shopping malls, tourist facilities, schools, transportation facilities, airports and venues with large audiences.

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