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2-137th Deployment Ceremony Anxiously waiting their Soldiers Military Honors Funeral Team


Care Packages for the Troops Information and instructions on sending "care packages" to Kansas National Gaurd personnel deployed abroad
Military Bill of Rights  Information on special state of Kansas benefits for military service members and thier families
Military Funeral Honors Team Conducts military funeral services for all Kansas veterans, regardless of service branch. For information, contact Rod Moyer 785-274-1520 or Spc. Nicholas Churchill 785-274-1208; email ngkshonorguard@ng.army.mil
Military Emergency Relief Fund Contributions are used to help military families with the cost of food, housing, utilities and medical services incurred while a member of the family is on active military duty. Donations may be made to the Kansas Military Emergency Relief Fund through a check-off on the Kansas Income Tax Form. If you do not have a refund on your return, or you have a balance due, you still may donate to this program by writing a check for your balance due plus the amount you wish to contribute to the Military Emergency Relief Fund.
Kansas Patriot Guard Motorcycle enthusiasts who support the Kansas National Guard and other branches of the military, as well as law enforcement and fire departments by providing honor guard funeral escorts for members killed in the line of duty. Also provide honor escorts for military deployment and welcome home ceremonies. You do not have to be a motorcyclist or military veteran to join.


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