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161st Field Artillery


1-161st Field Artillery Mission

The mission of the 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery is to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon fire in support of a maneuver commander utilizing the M109A6 self-propelled Paladin howitzer. Maintain personnel, equipment and operational readiness in support of foreign contingencies. On order, provide domestic support operations for disaster response, humanitarian relief, and homeland defense activities.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The Battalion Commander is Lt. Col. Dan Ball

The 161st is composed of the following units;

- Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Hutchinson

- Battery A, Dodge City

- Detachment 1, Battery A, Garden City

- Battery B, Abilene

- Battery C, Newton


Recent Unit Highlights

1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery unit crest
With the outbreak of COVID-19, the 1-161 FA shifted its focus to support six COVID-19 missions across the state with Soldiers from the entire battalion. As a result, annual training was split between Fort Riley and the Kansas Training Center in Salina.
Annual training was conducted July 26 – Aug.9. At Fort Riley, the howitzer crews from the three firing batteries completed 40 fire missions and safely fired 276 high explosive rounds, which allowed the 1-161 FA to certify and qualify five howitzer crews and a Fire Direction Center for artillery table VI. The remainder of the battalion Soldiers from Headquarters Battery conducted basic Army Warrior Tasks, drivers training, bus driver training and basic marksmanship skills on the weapons trainers at the Kansas Training Center.
Battery C, 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery Regiment, 130th Field Artillery Brigade, Kansas Army National Guard was named the Alexander Hamilton Award recipient for fiscal year 2020. This is the first time a Kansas unit has received this award. The award recognizes the outstanding Air Defense Artillery and Field Artillery, Reserve Component, U.S. Army National Guard battery of the year for exceptional achievement, superior mission accomplishment and overall unit excellence.


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