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891st Engineer Battalion



891st Engineer Battalion Mission

The 891st Engineer Battalion trains to increase the combat effectiveness of the support brigades at division and corps level by accomplishing mobility, survivability and general engineering tasks.  Provides command and control of three to five assigned engineer companies and one forward support company, to provide mobility in support of force application or focused logistics.  On order, conduct stability and support operations in support of federal missions and provide Military Assistance to Civil Authorities for state and local missions. 

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

??The battalion commander is Lt. Col. Justin Rutledge

The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Jared Ludwig

The unit is composed of the following;

- Headquarters Support Company, Iola

- Foward Support Company, Iola

- 226th Engineer Company, August and Pittsburg

- 242nd Engineer Company, Coffeyville

- 772nd Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, Pittsburg

-35th Military Police, Topeka


Recent Unit Highlights

891st Engineer Battalion unit crest
The 891st Engineer Battalion’s focus was annual training, which was conducted at the Kansas Training Center June 11-30. Soldiers of the HHC and Forward Support Company conducted premobilization training, which consisted of squad-level situational training lanes, counter improvised explosive device lanes, night driving courses and convoy simulation. The culminating exercise was a 72-hour training event where the entire HHC and FSC were evaluated on all required deployment tasks.
In July, 159 Soldiers, warrant officers and officers deployed in support Operation Spartan Shield. In preparation for the upcoming mobilization, the battalion staff conducted a staff exercise at the Coffeyville armory. The battalion partnered with the Mission Command Training Support team out of Fort Leavenworth to conduct the training.
The 772nd Mobility Augmentation Company’s annual training was conducted at the Kansas Training Center in Salina Sept. 16-30. During the training, the company conducted premobilization training, which consisted of platoon-level situational training exercises, individual weapons qualification and night drivers training. The premobilization training was required to support their deployment in support of Operation Phoenix Guard.
The 226th Vertical Engineer Company conducted their annual training from July 11-25. Troop construction projects were the main focus for their training. They carried out missions at Forbes Field, the Museum of the Kansas National Guard and at the Hays armory. The missions at Forbes Field included electrical work in one of the hangar buildings and concrete construction. The mission at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard was concrete construction. The Hays Armory mission was a joint project with the 242nd Engineer Company and included the demolition of the existing motor pool fence and construction of a new fence along with new gravel and proper grading of the motor pool. All of these mission greatly enhanced Solider proficiency in their occupational specialties and provided great service to the state.
The 242nd Horizontal Engineer Company conducted their annual training from July11- 25. at the Kansas Training Center and the Hays armory. The missions at the Kansas Training Center greatly improved the facility, which will enable the center to continue to provide realistic training to military units.
The 35th Military Police Company conducted their annual training from July 11-25 in Topeka and at Crisis City, Kansas Training Center in Salina. The 35th MPs conducted an external assessment to be prepared for their mission support force mission. This assessment consisted of over 20 tasks requiring proficiency. The unit completed its Law Enforcement Weapons Qualification, multiple other Individual Weapons Qualifications, and its Crew-Served Weapons Qualifications.
The 891st Engineer Battalion was called upon to support the state of Kansas’ COVID-19 response. The battalion provided four engineer officers to conduct facility assessments and the 35th MP Company, 226th Engineer Company and 242nd Engineer Company provided multiple Soldiers to support commodity distribution and give support to the Lansing State Correctional Facility.


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