Kansas Adjutant General's Department
1st Battalion, 635th Armored Regiment



1-635th Armored Regiment Mission

Close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and maneuver or repel assaults by fire, close combat and counterattack. Units operate the M2A2 SA Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the Army’s main battle Tank, the M1A2 Abrams SEPv2.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The Battalion commander is Lt. Col. Zachary Rolf

The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Lee Girard

The Unit is composed of the following;

- Headquarters Kansas City and Junction City

- Company A, Emporia

- Company B, Lawrence

- Company C, Wichita and Lawrence

- Det. 1, HHB, 2-114th FA

- Co G, 106th BSB, Manhattan and Kansas City


Recent Unit Highlights

2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 137th Infantry unit crest
The unit, formerly designated as the 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 137th Infantry Regiment, was redesignated as the 1st Battalion, 635th Armored Regiment Oct. 17.
In February, Sgt. Caleb Ash and Sgt. Ryan Marsh took first place in the 49th Winston P. Wilson Sniper Championship. The pair competed against 27 teams to determine the best shooters in the National Guard. With this win, Sgt. Ash and Sgt. Marsh earned the coveted Chief’s 50 Marksmanship Badge.
During the height of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 1st Battalion, 635th Armored Regiment provided over 300 Soldiers to assist Harvesters Food Banks in preparing more than one million meals for the citizens of Kansas.
The battalion conducted the eXportable Combat Training Capability at Fort Riley, validating its maneuver platoons’ proficiency in a decisive action training environment. The XCTC was a multicomponent endeavor evaluated by 1st Army, and supported by the Tennessee Army National Guard acting as the Opposing Force.
In August 2020, the battalion celebrated the graduation of Sgt. Stormie Bush from the infantry transition course, making her its first female infantry noncommissioned officer.


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