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The Advanced Turbine Engine Army Maintenance specializes in the rebuild of fully warranted (five years/1,400 hours), Air Gas Turbine 1500 M1 Abrams tank engine. The ATEAM also rebuilds the X1100-3B cross-drive tank transmission and all related components, exceeding National Maintenance Work Requirement standards. The annual payroll is $7.2 million. The FY 12 repair parts budget is $52 million.

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Located on Fort Riley, the A-TEAM currently employs 103 federal employees. the A-TEAM is the only maintenance facility in Kansas that employs personnel as Title 32 federal technicians from both the Kansas Army and Air National Guard.

Major Luke Foster

Maj. Luke Foster is the A-TEAM shop supervisor

The A-TEAMs customers include the National Guard Bureau and the Tank Automotive Command. The A-TEAM supports TACOM's Foreign Military Sales Program by rebuilding engines and transmissions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The A-TEAM is also partnered with Army Material Command as an AGT 1500 turbine engine provider. The A-TEAM has shipped AGT1500 turbine engines in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation New Dawn and Operation Noble Eagle. The A-TEAM maintains 2,300 lines of repair parts valued at $22 million.

The A-TEAM has 10 separate maintenance sections, each having a distinct and specialized role. These include the Allied Trades Section, Disassembly and Cleaning, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspection Section, Verification/Non-Destructive Inspection Section, Maintenance Rebuild Section, Component Rebuild Section, Production Control Section, Repair Parts Section, Property Accountability Section, and the Front Office. In addition, the A-TEAM also facilitates Non-Destructive Testing for Fort Riley and the Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site special repair sections.

The A-TEAM has the National Guard's only "in house," ground-based Joint Oil Analysis Program, saving time and shipping costs. The oil spectrometer tests for contaminants in a wide variety of equipment including engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems.



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