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Kansas National Guard - Chaplain Office

Our Mission is to provide religious support and compassionate care strengthening the readiness and relevance of the Kansas National Guard. Assist the State Adjutant General in ensuring the right to free exercise of religion. Additionally, we provide spiritual, moral and ethical leadership to the Kansas National Guard through a focus upon people, accountability, readiness and communication.

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Responsibilities of the Chaplains Office


The Chaplain Office assist Kansas National Guard Soldiers, Airmen, and families with life’s stresses and issues. The Chaplain Office performs, provides, or coordinates for religious support opportunities within the KSNG, and acts as the Adjutant General's religious policy subject matter expert as it pertains to religious accommodation and the free exercise of religion within the Kansas National Guard.


Our Goals

We strive to provide;

A ready chaplaincy that is capable and available to meet domestic and federal obligations when needed in support of the Kansas National Guard (KSNG).

A responsive chaplaincy focused upon providing comprehensive religious support capabilities commensurate with the operational needs of the members of the KSNG and their families.

A resilient chaplaincy able to reconstitute religious support capabilities with sufficient flexibility, recoverability, and availability necessary to meet both current and future operational requirements.


Contact a Chaplain

Chaplains have 100% confidentiality during formal or informal counseling sessions/conversations. To contact the JFHQ Chaplain Office or Unit-Level Religious Support/Unit Ministry Teams, click on the buttons below.



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