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Partners in Care Program

What is the Partners in Care (PIC) Program?

All faith communities, houses of worship, congregations, ministry groups, and organizations are welcome to participate as a Partners in Care (PIC) with the Kansas National Guard. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the KSNG Chaplain and a representative of the participating group formalizes the relationship. The MOU defines the purpose, scope, and nature of the partnership. Support is offered by the participating group to all referred warriors and families within the limits of congregational resources and abilities, free of charge without regard to the recipients’ religious affiliation.


Services Offered through Partners in Care

It is recognized and understood that KSNG citizen-soldiers and their families are integral parts of local communities across the state. They endure great stress and strain as they sacrifice in service to both state and nation. It is further recognized and understood that within each community are congregations uniquely equipped and able to provide faith-based support to KSNG members and families in times of crisis, stress, and need. To that end, Partners in Care invites you to join in this shared ministry initiative.

Note: This is not exhaustive and varies from group to group.

  • Child Care–Sick Child Support

  • Basic Household and Automotive Repairs

  • Child and Teen Education and Mentoring

  • Reunion/Reintegration Support

  • Single Parent Deployment Support


  • Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Support Groups and Activities

  • Emergency Food, Clothing, and Housing

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Financial Management Classes

  • Pastoral Care: Individual, Couple and Family



Have Questions or Require More Information about PIC?

Chaplain (Col) Terry Williams
State Command Chaplain

Chaplain (Capt.) Travis Forde
Full-time Support Chaplain
(785) 220-9480



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