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997th Brigade Support Battalion


997th Brigade Support Battalion Mission

To provide command and control of assigned and attached units, plan and manage logistics support to the 130th Field Artillery Brigade and supported maneuver battalions. On order, conduct domestic support operations in support of federal and state agencies to protect life and property within Kansas. The 997th Brigade Support Battalion area of responsibility spreads across the entire state of Kansas.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The 997th Commander is Lt. Col. Chet Conrad

The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Melissa Stupka

The unit is composed of the following;

- Headquarters, Hays and Colby

- 170th Maintenance Company, Wichita

- 330th Brigade Signal Company, Wichita

- 1161st Forward Support Company, Wichita and Pratt

- 250th Forward Support Company, Ottawa and Clay Center

- 995th Maintenance Company, Smith Center, Concordia and Norton


Recent Unit Highlights

997th BSB unit crest

The 997th Brigade Support Battalion’s training year encompassed multifunctional logistics missions, high-tech signal operations and numerous domestic support operations for the state.

The 997th BSB activated all of its subordinate units in support of the state’s COVID-19 response, encompassing distribution of personal protective equipment to hospitals and clinics Kansas, delivery of specimens from remote test sites to a Topeka laboratory, provided culinary specialist to the Lansing Correctional Facility, and assisted in facilitating non congregate housing in Garden City.

The 995th Support Maintenance Company conducted their annual training July 12-26 at Smith Center. The unit supported backlog maintenance from Kansas National Guard Field Maintenance Shops across Kansas.

The 170th Support Maintenance conducted their annual training in Wichita from July 25-Aug. 8, where Soldiers provided backlog maintenance support and also cooked for the 130th Field Artillery Brigade in Manhattan, providing 5,850 meals and 2,925 Meals, Ready-To-Eat.

The 330th Brigade Signal Support Company provided communication support to the 130th Field Artillery Brigade during annual training from Aug. 1-15 in Manhattan. Their signal support enabled the brigade to conduct their mandatory training requirements for their upcoming deployment.

During annual training July 25-Aug. 8, the 997th BSB headquarters, with subordinate units 250th Forward Support Company and 1161st Forward Support Company, provided direct and indirect logistical support to more than 277 Soldiers training at Fort Riley. The 250th FSC provided direct logistical support to 2-130th Field Artillery Battalion, while the 1161st FSC provided direct logistical support to the 1-161st Field Artillery Battalion. The 997th BSB provided 7,200 meals; 3,600 Meals, Ready-to-Eat; 6,600 gallons of F24 fuel, 266 rounds of 155 mm artillery shells and 60 rockets, maintenance support, and recovery support at different Fort Riley training areas.



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