Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Life Ties 12.0


Audience:  Service member and a family member attending together

Duration:  1 day

Goal:  Provide training that instills the tools necessary for National Guard families to handle the stresses associated with military life, as well as developing the basic individual and family skills to allow them to function throughout life as a resilient family unit.

Course Outline and Objectives:

1.  Welcome

  • Admin notes and introduction video
  • Group introduction exercise
  • Define "family" and "family resiliency"
  • Family Strengths Inventory exercise
  • Course outline

2.  Individual Resiliency

  • The importance of self care
  • Key Individual Resiliency Factors

3.  Commitment

  • Define commitment and how it relates to relationship resiliency
  • Importance of a belief system and clarifying values
  • How to sustain and enhance commitment

4.  Communication

  • Identify characteristices of healthy communication
  • Active Reflective Listening and Responding
  • Active Constructive Responding

5.  Problem Solving

  • Proper frame of mind
  • Problem solving steps
  • Ground rules to problem solving

6  Social Support

  • Identify your resources
  • Identify how to access your resources
  • Giving back to the community as an integral part of social support

7.  Common Issues

  • Balance
  • Transition
  • Finance
  • Common Issues exercise

8.  Putting It All Together Exercise/After Action Report


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