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Flash Forward 12.0

NEW!!! Flash Forward v.12.0

The Flash Forward 12.0 Resiliency Training Course addresses individual readiness, unit readiness, and effective leadership with the end goal of improved mission preparedness, improved mission response, and performance during times of great stress.

Given the rigorous demands of training and the resulting limited time availability such training imposes on our warriors, this one day program was specifically designed to accommodate these variables. Flash Forward 12.0 provides the service member with an overview of resiliency education, training, and the tools necessary to handle high-level stress, identify potential problems, and develop both individual and unit skills that foster resiliency.

Audience: Service Members
Duration: One Day
Goal: Provide service members with tools necessary to foster resiliency in their units.

Flash Forward 12.0 Modules

  • Introduction
  • Bolstering Strengths
  • Spiritual Resiliency
  • Adaptive Thinking
  • Relationships
  • Finance
  • Assessment
  • Leadership
  • Putting It All Together

Resources Utilized in Course Development:

  • USMC, Combat Operational Stress Control Program
  • US Air Force
  • US Army
  • US Army Center for Enhanced Performance Military Operational Medicine Research Program
  • US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Ft. Detrick, MD
  • US Navy, Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery National Center for PTSD
  • National Defense University
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • Walter Reed Institute for Army Research (WRAIR)
  • Israeli Army and Psychological Health Programs


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