Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Retiring Soon?? (current members & unit personnel)

If you have retirement questions, contact Sgt. 1st Class Paul Desmond, 785-646-0135, paul.g.desmond2.mil@army.mil

Upcoming events:

Retiree/State of the Guard Briefing

Nothing scheduled at this time.


Retirement Handbook (latest edition)

Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan Trifold

How to read an RPAM statement.

Handy Retirement Checklist to assist in the transition from service member to retiree.

Application for Retired Pay Packet (must be completed at age 59 or earlier if mobilized after Janaury 2008).  

Memo from NGB providing Implementation Guidance for Reduced Retirement Age.  

Ensure that all MOB orders, REFRAD orders and DD214/DD215's are in IPERMS. The NGB Guidance also mentions Leave & Earnings Statement (LES) copies for periods of AD covered. I have yet had to provide LES to HRC-Ft. Knox. Label the application packet as a "90 Day Drop Application"

Flag Request and Retired Soldier Pin (Army Commendation Packet)

Units - please use the updated form.  The date this office receives the request and the date of the retirement ceremony will determine whether the soldier will receive a generic flag/pin set or a personalized set.   If less than 60 days, a generic flag/pin set will be issued. The request for certificates should be requested at the same time.

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