Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Policies & Guidelines



State Adjutant General's Department Policies

034.01 Inclement Weather
034.02 Nepotism and Relationships
034.03 Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
034.04 Workplace Threats and Violence
034.05 Employee Awards and Recognition Program 
034.05 Nomination Form - Employee Award and Recognition Program
034.06 Hours of Work
034.07 Overtime and Other Compensation
034.08 Substance Abuse Testing Program
034.08 Reasonable Suspicion Checklist for Safety Sensitive Positions
034.09 Progressive Discipline Policy
034.10 Grievance Policy
034.10 Grievance Policy Forms
034.11 Funeral and Bereavement
034.14 Performance Management
034-15 Leave Use and Accumulation
034-17 Court Appearance and Jury Duty Leave
034-18 Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Leave
034.20 Infant at Work Program
034.20 Infant at Work Forms
S16-1314 Personal Accounts Policy (State Personnel)
S16-108 EEO Policy for Kansas Adjutant General's Department Hiring
Termination of Employment
Time Recording Guidelines


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