Kansas Adjutant General's Department
United State Property and Fiscal Office (USP&FO) / J8

Mission Statement:

The United State Property and Fiscal Office / J8 (USP&FO) Kansas National Guard receives and accounts for all federal funds and property of the United States in possession of the Kansas National Guard; establishes and directs the policies and procedures of resource management to ensure compliance with federal laws, rules, regulations and procedures relating to fiscal policy, accounting standards, budget execution, procurement activities and inventory management; and ensures federal funds are obligated and expended in compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.

Additionally, the USP&FO provides accounting and budget management services for program coordinators to ensure agency objectives are completed within appropriation and fund limitations; administers cooperative funding agreements between the National Guard Bureau and the Adjutant General’s Department in support of the Kansas National Guard; and provides returns and reports on federal funds and property as directed by the Chief of the National Guard Bureau and the appropriate service secretary.

Current Organization

The USP&FO/J8 consist of a Title 10, Army or Air Force active duty officer assigned to the National Guard Bureau and detailed for duty on Kansas to ensure accountability and responsibility for federal funds and property. Directly underneath the USP&FO an Internal Review (IR) section in order to perform auditing functions. Further directly underneath the USP&FO are three Deputy Property, Fiscal Officers (DPFO) for the Kansas Army Guard and for each of the Two Wings of the KSANG. Underneath each of the DPFO’s are authorized sections which provide Comptroller, Data Processing, Purchasing and Contracting, and Supply and Services support.


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